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How do I install a DI bypass onto a brs rodi unit?


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I finally got am rodi unit and am making my own saltwater!

I would like to be able to bypass the DI stage for water changes on my freshwater discus tank.

I am not well versed in anything to do with plumbing and Internet searching is not helping me today >.< my computer is in the process of being reimaged and I'll admit to failing at using any mobile device for anything but angry birds and texting.

I have the brs 75 gpd running. My understanding is I need some sort of ball valve?

A) what ball valve, can I get it off amazon or at Home Depot

B) where oh where would this go between all these hoses?!? I am about to get a sharpie and start labeling lines and what they do/go to :P

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Just 2 quick comments in case you haven't done this before. First, treat the makeup water with prime or safe to remove remaining chloramines / ammonia. Unless you have a chloramine specific one with a huge carbon block, you'll still get chloramine carry over or actual ammonia due to the chloramine bond being broken in your RO output.

Second, make sure to use equilibrium or do 50/50 with tap water for your changes. Even straight RO is too clean to use by itself. Has basically zero buffering capacity which makes for some really unstable Ph. If you are running CO2 on straight RO, you can easily crash a tank.

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