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40b sump & 10g tank

Sascha D.

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No offense but I'd just give the 10g tank away for free. 13 new at walmart, so unless your neighbor wants it, the cost in just gas to get there negates the 3 dollar difference.

So you're saying that buying a 10g tank from Walmart is the same price as buying one from me for $10? I'm really, really bored at work and this looks like a fun game! yawn.gif

By your calculation gas is $3 for someone to get to my house. I guess that's about 1.27 gallons at today's average price for gas. Let's pretend you drive a nice truck and get 15 miles to the gallon. 15 mpg * 1.27 = about 19 miles. That's a pretty good distance and most cars get twice that. I guess we can assume you don't live at Walmart and it'll take gas to get there as well. I don't know how safe an assumption that is since some people seem to live at Walmart. They should really rename it to Spandexmart. LOL!

Go Go Gadget 3rd Grade Math!

So that super, magical, fund land, Walmart has a 10g tank for $13. Hopefully, you don't live there so you have to spend $3 in gas to drive there in your yoga pants. One brief stop at Isle 13 to buy some tasty reefing snacks and you hit the register and your tank receipt says $14.07. Darn that sales tax! It's okay though because you can deduct it from your taxes. $13 + $1.07 + $3 = $17.07 and you're in nano heaven.

To get to my house you have to go through the Shrouded Forrest of Mystery, across the Lake of Terror and around the Hill of Demise! Treasure awaits any who make it there alive! Okay, not treasure but it only costs $10. Of course I wouldn't leave out the $3 for gas, that would be silly! $10 + $3 = $13, but there aren't any snacks.

$17.07 - $13 = $4.07 difference.

$4.07 / $17.07 = 23.84% less at my house than at Walmart. I'm like a Dollar Tree or something!

Caution: I may or may not laugh if you wear yoga pants to pick up a 10g tank at my house.

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Haha you guys are right! I totally forgot about that. Okay, no snacks for anyone else except Ty and Dean, but only because I like ya. Well...okay I'll give snacks to Woods, Andre', April, Jose', Kim, James, Josh, Chris, RSW, and Mike, but that's it!

Gosh, I like more of you that I thought! Okay, for real this time, I'll give snacks to anyone that hasn't stood me up on buying a coral. You know who you are! thumbsdown.gif

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Haha I don't blame you! If I lived in Lockhart, then I'd be at Black's and Kreitz nearly every day. The only things that would fit me are sweat pants and a jacket and I would be sweating liquid smoke and coleslaw dressing. I might even grow a beard so I don't miss any crumbs! Haha just kidding...I can't grow a beard. I'd have more luck trying out for the Dallas Cowboys starting CB position, lord knows they need one.

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