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SOLD- Selling off


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All gone. Sold the rest to River City Aquatics for next to nothing :/

Due to excessive work and school work, and a lack of money and time, I'm having to sell off my livestock and shut down my salt tank. //all the fish and coral have are going. I would rather sell to y'all, but if it comes down to it, I will just sell to a LFS.

Coral Beauty Angelfish ~3" $25
Dalmation Molly ~3" $10
Molly Miller Blenny ~3" $10
Brittle star ~10"-12" $15

SOLD Blue Tuxedo Urchin $10 *pending Ty*

SOLD Ocellaris Clown ~3" $30
SOLD Ocellaris Clown ~1.5" $15
SOLD Scissortail Dartfish ~4" $15
SOLD One spot foxface rabbitfish ~6" $35 *pending Mothball*
SOLD Aiptasia Eating Filefish ~2" $20

Eagle eye zoas $10

Colt coral - lg $20
Green finger leather/tree coral lg $20

SOLD Large toadstool w/attached rock ~12"-14" $50 *pending prettyfishy76*
SOLD Green tip Hammer ~30 heads $50 *pending* Woods, Mike
SOLD Red Blasto with approx 5 new heads starting $20 *pending Dr Godzilla*
SOLD Clamshell covered in green palys $35 *pending Dr Godzilla*, Emilio
Aussie Rainbow Acan 1 head $5 *bad shape. May not survive*
SOLD Rock with a couple orange Ricordea $25 *Pending Dr. Godzilla*
SOLD Green polyp toadstool $15
SOLD Red Clove Polyps $10

And for what its worth, I have a Square card reader, so I can take credit cards too,

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If interested, you can call or text 512-229-5763. Or message here. Sorry it took a few to post the the pics. I should be available all day today and tomorrow. If y'all have specific request for different pics, I can do that too.

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