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Converting QT to a Frag Tank


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I'm converting my QT to a frag tank. It's a 25 long. I pulled the small amount of existing rock and rubble from the tank, put it in a five gallon bucket and put some fresh sw on it and a small power head. I thoroughly rinsed the tank. I have an HOB fuge to put the rubble and some macro in. I plan to pour the water the rocks are soaking in back into the tank, a few gallons siphoned from my DT, and then top off with fresh sw. My question is, will the tank need to cycle again or is the cured rock enough to keep the cycle going? The only livestock I plan to start off with is coral from my DT and an emerald crab. Thoughts?

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What did you use in the QT? My understanding is that if there was ever any medication used in the tank, it seeps into the Silicone which can seep back out again. So if you used any Copper or other harsh medications, it will not be able to be re purposed for Coral.

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Yes barring any post medication / QT issues you should be good to go as far as bio-filtration goes. Most bio-filtration is in the rock sand contact surfaces etc... Very little is actually in the water column itself. And since you are using some water and rock rubble from an existing setup you will have the basics in place. Now that's not to say it is a strong system. There will be a period of slow going maybe a few weeks. I would start out with some Nitro Bacter or other bacteria source such as Smart Start to enhance the system, in addition I would be soaking some sponge or floss in my sump to utilize as additional bio- surface Then I would go fishless in the system and use very controlled coral feeding with a good source such as Coral Frenzy ( my personal favorite) and remember that SPS will be very ify at the start.

Good luck man


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