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Free ceiling fan with lights


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This was too noisy on lower setting for our bedroom so we're replacing it. Quiet on the highest speed setting but just too much airflow for sitting above a bed. Has normal power wiring for the light, and a separate blue wire for the fan which works on a 3 way wall switch.

Comes with everything as shown including the 24" downrod and light kit with glass covers. The previous owner mounted this directly to the wood block so you'll want to pick up one of the downrod ball mounts at the hardware store to properly mount it.


In case anyone wants to see a nightmarish DIY fail, the previous owner mounted the oak block to the ceiling directly into the drywall, only using nails... doh.gif


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That's really careless. I've been in the motorsports scene for quite some time now and you wouldn't believe the dumb things I've seen that people do to their cars when they decide they're going to DIY something.

Yeah, I've got a whole list of "I wish the previous owner didn't" at this point.

This was one of the worst because it was above our bed, but I've found a number of other like no GCFI outlets in the bathrooms or kitchen (obviously recently replaced though). Wiring the neutral to ground on several outlets. Just flat out leaving open neutrals on several outlets. Screwing some awning through the shingles above the back porch which allows water to flow into the dining room when it rains really bad. Hooking up a 100A breaker to a 120V circuit, still scratching my head on this one... Some people really have no business DIY'ing.

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