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Apex controlled Gyres

Dan H

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So, if you happen to have a Maxspect Gyre, and weren't aware, you can now control them via Apex. You just have to fork over another $100.


I installed 2 of them and it's pretty cool. You can theoretically go forward and reverse but you have to fork over $12 for a special cable, and use up 2 of the control outputs... IMO reverse is pretty worthless on the Gyres anyways, so who cares.

Installation was a breeze. Just replace the original controller with the module, then plug in the little headphone jack from the apex control port into the module. Then all you have to do is let it calibrate (10 seconds at 100% throttle), and presto! Time to create a profile.

I've fiddled around with it and so far, I'm very happy.

My current profile:


I figure giving the tank a lot of randomness is good, keeps detritus from gathering, fish active, and the corals happy.

Supposedly they are also going to come out with a battery backup that will integrate with the module next month. You can bet I'll be buying those. :)

YAY for new toys!

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