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Just a lil' update from me

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Hey there! It's been a long time since I posted because after two crashes (including sps eating nudibranches), well, your inspiration wanes...however....when I just kept up with the monthly water changes and added nothing else, this happened:


This is Ultra Metallic Pink Millepora. About a year old now - and spreading out nicely. Those montipora-eating nudibranches didn't touch it - so I recommend it wholeheartedly to any beginners getting into sps. This particular piece came from AquaSD smile.png It started out as two branches.



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Obviously this post jinxed me ;) Over the past year, after each crash, tests of the water showed normal parameters. Even tests done by fellow members. After much contemplation I believe I have discovered the source of my tank crashes. I had never had a tank crash until I added yellow polyps. I believe that once the yellow polyps sting the devil's hand leather, the leather releases a toxin which in turn kills the yellow polyps and Texas trash blue palys...this doesn't bother me at all! Unfortunately, this toxin also kills acans, bubble coral, plate, frogspawn, nems and mushrooms. Unaffected are all livestock, xenia, zoas, and that Millepora pictured up there.

Last Friday, I was able to rehome my prized acans (though I did lose the one that had attached itself to my aquarium's glass bottom), bubble coral and plate coral. Now I am in the process of scraping/sucking out the yellow polyps.

If I could do this all over, I'd never put the following in my tank:

Yellow polyps

Texas trash


All of these corals spread so fast and overtake everything.


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I just got rid of a 12lb rock of Texas Trash Palys and GSP this weekend. I had been wondering why my other corals weren't doing well for a while, including the TTP... The water quality tested out nicely so I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Talked to Jake at RCA and he mentioned there could be some chemical warfare at play in my tank. This makes sense, because the GSP was finally overtaking the TTP and upsetting them significantly. Even though it's been a couple of days since I dumped off the rock, the remaining corals look much better.

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