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Does anyone use this for their temp control? I have a basic If Temp < XX then ON and If Temp > YY then OFF

Reading through the APEX manual for another purpose I saw the RT+ (regional temperatures). When I think of regional temperatures (here in Austin) there would seem to be a large swing, and not one I'd want to use on my tank. But I'm finding it a bit hard to believe that regional temperatures truly is regional. smile.png

So a test statement would be If Temp < RT+ Then ON. There is a differential you can set etc. I get all of that. But does anyone use it? If so what is your daily and annual temperature range?

I keep my tank between 77 and 78 pretty much all year long, And that seems to work, why change something that is not broken right? smile.png Still interested to know more. Same with the seasonal differences in daylight hours, I don't use it, but have thought about doing so.

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