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Last second order with Coral Imports (7/3 delivery)

Dan H

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I just made a last second order with Coral Imports for delivery tomorrow. I didn't reach free shipping, but was not too far off. If you want it, just hop on. If we hit free shipping, then great. If not, I'll just eat the shipping. I think the cut-off time is like 11am or so.

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Do we order online or just call....i am not seeing a phone number i might pick up a frag or two.

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I emailed him at [email protected] with a link of the item and told him I wanted to join Dan's order for free shipping (btw, we hit it already). He sent me a paypal invoice and we were done within 5 minutes. Great customer service!

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Peter is awesome. He lives here in Austin too...

Well now that we have 3 of us in on the order, plus I ended up getting a few more things, we hit free shipping. Woohoo! So it's shipping out today and should be here tomorrow AM. I can email/text/call/whatever as soon as it arrives, but assuming FedEx has their normal weekday guarantee and it's not some holiday schedule, then it should be guaranteed by 10:30AM.

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