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Tank and / or House sitter

Dan H

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So Meg and I have a vacation coming up soon. We have a friend that has been our house sitter many times, but she's nervous about watching over our tank. I wanted to see if there's anyone on here that is looking to perhaps get some extra money, check on the tank here and there... Or if you'd really want to, house sit (sit around with our awesomely lazy Basset Hound, watch our tank, enjoy our food, use our freshly cleaned guest room, watch tv/netflix, etc...) and get paid! It's only a week so not terribly long, and we would pay handsomely.

We have our Apex, but as seen last weekend, that doesn't help in extreme emergencies such as power outages or a leaking pipe or whatever. Basically, we want someone that's experienced with the hobby to be "on call" at a minimum.

If we can't find someone, what are your solution to vacations and tank sitters?

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I think we have someone lined up to check on the tank... I really appreciate all of you that reached out. I was like woah! That's a lot of people contacting me at the same time. :)

Certainly it's nice to know there are so many nice people in this club that are willing to help each other.

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It's mostly organic, but none of that gluten free crap. We don't have celiac disease. I fogot to mention we are well stocked on wine. :)

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