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Large Yellow/Gold wall hammer and Green/red favia

Dan H

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I have some LPS I need to get out of the frag tank. They are too close to my SPS and make me nervous. I tried to get pictures that show their real color but my camera on the phone doesn't do them justice. All pics under a single Kessil a150 ocean blue 15K. I can try to get more pictures if necessary, it's just hard to get good pics in the sump. smile.png

Gold or yellow hammer, about 3 inches wide. $90 $70!

See better pictures further down in the thread.

Favia that is about 3" by 2", almost palm sized. Green / indigo, blue and dark red. $75 $50

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Ok, marked them down. I'm not going any lower. $70 for the Hammer, $50 for the favia. Of note, the Hammer does have some minor tissue damage on the left side. It looks like mechanical damage like something may have fallen on it or something while we were on vacation, but otherwise it still looks stunning.

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