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  1. I have a couple of rock anemones for sale.
  2. I have a gold torch up for grabs.
  3. Pm me if you have anything available. Thanks.
  4. Looking good. Really like that tank what are the dimensions of it? Also, is that just a flexible arm mount on that hydra?
  5. Does anyone happen to have one of the older aqua illumination color controllers laying around? If so please pm/text me. 2547184086.
  6. I don't think I was expecting that much.
  7. Those look pretty cool! How much would a pair like that cost?
  8. It's kind of hard to tell from that picture but it looks like a rhodactis but the bubbles are usually a ricordia/yuma.
  9. Man, I wish I would've seen this a day ago. I just spent all my money on some coral.
  10. How much for a pair of frostbite clowns?
  11. I'll be in Austin this weekend. Looking for a tlf reactor or two. Lmk if you have and extra one laying around. Thanks. 2547184086
  12. Hey I don't know if the have a certain name but do you have any clowns that have a helmet pattern? My wife saw some awhile back and wants a couple BAD now. @versace
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