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Jenco 3601 PH/ORP Contoller


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Retails for $300.00+, Asking $125.00

PM here or text


Used for six months. Comes In original box and foam with 2 extra fuses (never blew one), power cord, and instruction manual.




Jenco pH/ORP controller with dual SPDT Hi/Lo relays, manual set points via potentiometers and calibration via potentiometers with a voltage/recorder output and has an internal pH/ORP select switch and large bright red LED display uses a BNC input and spade lug screw type connector block requires a Pt-100 ATC or a simulation resistor for temperature.
  • Dual function pH & ORP
  • Dual LCD displays
  • Dual 115v ac power on/off relays
  • Dual standard ac electrical sockets
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • Water & corrosion proof case
  • Calibration & set points set via screw type potentiometers
  • Range Resolution Accuracy pH 0.00 to 14.00 pH 0.01 pH 0.02% ± 1 LSD ORP -1999 to 1999 mV 1 mV 0.05% ± 1 LSD
  • Analog Output
    • Relays output control range: Over span of 0.00~14.00ph &±1999mV
    • Relay hysteresis pH/ORP: ±0.1ph/±10 mV
    • Input impedance: >= 10^12ohms
    • Temperature compensation: Auto 0 to 45°C
    • Temperature sensor: Pt-100, a= 0.00385
    • Temperature connector: Banana plugs
    • Display: 12.7mm high LCD
    • Power: 115VAC ± 15%,60 hz
    • Weight: 1200 gm
    • Dimension: 240 x 250 x 100 mm

    Probes not included.

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