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Frags for Sale this Sunday in Austin - PART 2


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I'm posting these frags in this post as PART2 since the other post PART 1 (linked) already has a lot of pics, it could take very long to open the thread if I post everything in the same post.

I will come to Austin this Sunday afternoon for a training there next week. I'll bring my frags with me if someone want them.

Frag Pickup: at the Home2Suite hotel in Round Rock at 1000 West Louis Henna Blvd, 78681. I can also meet you along my drive from Houston to Austing/round rock. All frags need to be picked up by Sunday night.

Payment: I’ll need PAYPAL payments to bring the frags with me. Sale is first come first serve.

PM me here with the frags you want (with the frag # and name). Please provide your mobile phone # in your PMs for quick responses and pickup arrangements.

Unless specified as “WYSIWYG”, the frag pics below are of some representative frags of the group since there may be multiple frags of the same type , some maybe fresh cut depending on demand.

13/ Tyree Ponape Birdnest : $15/ 1.5” frags ==> 2 left



14/ Rainbow Thick Stylophora : $20/ 1.5” frag ==> 2 left


15/ Steve Alias Green w/ Baby Blue tip Stag : $20/ 2” frag==> pending


16A/Aussie Strawberry Shortcake : $20/ 1.5-2” frag ==> sold

16B/Aussie Strawberry Shortcake : sold


16C/Aussie Strawberry Shortcake : $40 ==>sold


16C/Aussie Strawberry Shortcake : ==> sold



7/Bali Purple Tips Efflo : sold


A pic of the mother colony on how this one grows out:


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18/Green w/ Blue Tips Tenius : ==> sold,


19A/Atlantic Shade of Falls : ==> sold


19B/Atlantic Shade of Falls : ==> sold


19C/Atlantic Shade of Falls : $25/1.5” frag ==> one in pic sold, can make new freshcut per request


20/ ReefALot Rainbow Prostrata : ==> sold


Mother colony:


21/ ReeferMadness Austera : $25/ 1.5” WYSIWYG


22A/ ORA Red Planet : $40/ 2” mini colony==> 1 left


22B/ ORA Red Planet : $20/1- 1.5” frags ==> mounted sold, frestcut 1.5" available


A pic of one of the mother colonies in the main tank


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I have just replied to everyone's PMs. If you haven't seen my response, let me know.

Please provide phone # in your PMs for quick responses. Also be ready to paypal for the frags so I can mark them off as 'not available' since we only have one day left to get all this orders sorted out. Thanks.

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Adding a few more.

24/ Tub's Mystic Blue Staghorn: $15/~2" frag. $10/2" if purchased with other frags

25/ Bright Green Bali Slimer: $15/1.5" frag. $10/1.5" if purchased with other frags
The green Bali colony is in the back:

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