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First Friday After Hours Sale June 5th!

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Ty, she was such a great student that she qualifies for 20% off all livestock. Tell her Congrats! I know you want to buy her the Gold Torch they got in last week!

Does she get free snacks and drinks too? If so, I'm in!

Baby, I got you a gold torch for graduation... *smack in the back of the head*... but Woods told me you'd like it!

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Lol, yes and free snacks! Just don't abuse the privilege of the freebies. Learn to duck at the perfect time, like I have, so you don't get smacked! Lol. See you there...

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Anyone up for grabbing a bite to eat afterwards? Meg is going to some work event, so I'm left to fend for myself, and I really don't feel like cooking on a Friday night...

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More stuff in yesterday:

Bicolor Angel
Royal Grammas
Yellow Clown Gobies
Lubbocks Fairy Wrasses
Picasso Trigger ~5"
Yellow Eye Kole Tangs
Naso Tangs
Blue Hippo Tang
Fiji Foxface Rabbit 5"
Dragon Sleeper Gobies
Sixline Wrasses
Lemonpeel Angel
Heniochus Butterflies
Blue Jaw Trigger
Blue Reef Chromis
Ornate Leopard Wrasses
Multicolor Angel
Tailspot Blennies
Platinum Clowns
Clown Trigger 4"
Yellow Watchman Gobies
Yellow Tangs
Striped Dogface Puffers (tiny)
Green Bubbletip Anemones
Sand Sifting Stars
Tuxedo Urchins
Green Emerald Crabs
Sexy Shrimp
Acan Lord Red
Palythoa Colony
Aussie Gold Tip Torch
Volcanic Rush Mushroom Polyps
Pink Pimple Mushroom Polyps
Acro Frags
Maricultured and wild acros



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