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Fish For Sale


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I have the following fish I am looking to rehome

Call or text if interested 512-653-5415

Yellow tang 4"+ healthy and fat and eats anything. Including pellets $35 SOLD

Black Ocellaris Clown paired with rose bubble tip anemone $90 SOLD


(2) Melanaurus Wrasse $30 each SOLD

6 line wrasse - doesn't harm any corals $25 (SOLD DanH)

Pink Skunk Clownfish $10 SOLD

Large Percula Clownfish $20

Also considering selling these guys if I can't find a temporary home for them

Large 4 year old Purple tang 6"+ very fat and healthy and eats like a pig $150 SOLD

Large 5-6 year old blue hippo tang 6"+ $75 (SOLD joshhhh)

3 year old fat and healthy Yellow tang 5-6" $45 SOLD

2-3 years old Sailfin tang $35 SOLD

2.5 year old Coral beauty angelfish- doesn't harm any corals but may wind up keeping $40 (SOLD Dan H)

(4) Ocellaris clownfish. 2 are breeding every two weeks and will all be sold together if possible with one of their rainbow bubble tip anemone. No price yet but anemone is large and is the one in my avatar. I also have 2 clones from it that will be for sale as well. SOLD

Black Snowflake Clownfish 1.5 years old $90

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Free Blenny. Must pick up by tomorrow

Prices lowered on remaining few fish.

I anyone wants the 4 Perculas together as a group please let me know. I would rather not split them up.

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Post updated.

Fish remaining:

Percula is still available. Pictures above. $20

I have the black snowflake clown $90

I have one Rainbow Bubble tip anemone.

It is the one pictured in my avatar. $150

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Thanks again! The Wrasses and Coral Beauty are happy and enjoying Meg's ample portion feedings. That has to be one of the biggest 6 line's I've ever seen! Love him!

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