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Everything you Could Possibly Need Part 1


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Ok so I am selling off a ton equipment. I have just about everything you need to fully setup quite a few tanks.

Not going to post pictures of everything at the moment but I will post a few here and there and will take any pictures upon request.

All prices are best offer. First come first serve. No hold. I need everything gone asap or it is going to storage and once it's in there I will likely be holding onto it until a later date.

Pickup is in onion creek or I can meet at Aquadome.

Phone number is 512-653-5415

215-220 gallon DSA Tank, Stand, Canopy, 55 gallon 3 chamber sump, Eheim 1262 and Mag 24 return pumps, and T12 lighting with ARO Ballasts as well as some freebies for $1000. (SOLD)

Korallin c1502 calcium reactor compete setup.

Comes with calcium reactor, ph probe, Milwaukee ph monitor, 5 pound Co2 tank and dual stage regulator. $250 (SOLD 12_egg_omelette)

40 gallon drilled breeder tank, stand, 25 gallon sump, Mag 5 return pump, EuroReef Rs80 skimmer with Sedra 3500 pump, and 2 Koralia powerheads, heater.

I will also include either the 150 current Sunpod light or two 150 watt metal halides and a dual lamp ballast. It worked last time I used it but it's been a while since it has been used.

(Drilled by Fishy Business less than a month ago and paid $140 just to have it drilled) $275 (SOLD)

(2) 48" BML 14k strips $150 each (SOLD)

Full size Tunze wavebox with Tunze Turbelle powerhead, wave controller, and driver $120

CPR Hang on back skimmer $35 (SOLD)

(4) brand new never used BRS peristaltic dosing pumps ($99 new) $50 each. (2 SOLD - 2 LEFT)

(2) Tunze 5017 osmolator with controller and pump $90 each (BOTH SOLD)

(2) BRS single chamber reactor with pump $30 each (used for maybe 1 month) (BOTH SOLD)

(2) BRS Dual chamber carbon and gfo reactors with pumps $60 each (BOTH SOLD)

Red Sea wave master pro with 4 ports to control 4 powerheads. Also have four koralias that can go with it http://www.marinedepot.com/Red_Sea_Wavemaster_Pro_Wave_Maker_External_Wavemakers_for_Aquariums-Red_Sea-RS3611-FIWMEW-vi.html. $65

30" 175 watt metal halide with internal ballast (was $550 new) $35 -needs new plug but is easily replaced for $12. Isn't sliced or anything just plugs right in. It was universal for European or American models. Light definitely still works. Money back guarantee (SOLD)

(4) Jebao wp40s with controller $45 each (ALL SOLD)

1 Jebao wp40 with no controller $25 (SOLD)

Bubble magus Nac9 Skimmer $235

Reef Octopus skimmer NWB 200 $120 (SOLD)

Mag 18 return pump that needs new housing cover but I can show it works fine. (7.99 online for new cover) $60

Mag 9.5 $50

Mag 3 $40 (SOLD)

Vortech MP10wes manufactured March 3, 2014 $150

Cyber power 850avr battery backup $65

65 gallon DSA rimless tank and stand, 40 gallon sump, with return pump and 36" Current USA 4 bulb T5 $400 (SOLD)

20 gallon tank - brand new $15

(2) 10 gallon tanks Both together for $10 each

SL-150a 1/10 hp Platinum Series Chiller $165 (SOLD)

Teco 1/3 hp chiller with uv sterilizer. Rated up to 500 gallons $275 (SOLD)

3 Lumatek 250/400 watt dimmable ballasts. All purchased new within the last year. $65 each or all three for $175

Jebao DP-4 four port dosing pump BRAND NEW NEVER USED - $85

(8) Hydor Koralia powerheads ranging in size $10-$30

A few maxi jet powerheads for $10 each

2 bulb Current 24" PC quarantine light $20

And much more I will list soon. As well as livestock

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215 gallon sold.

All equipment remaining has been lowered again except a couple of items I will consider keeping if not sold for asking price.

If interested in anything let me know. Needs to be gone in about a week or it's getting packed up into storage.

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Still Available:

Bubble Magus Nac9 Skimmer $235 SOLD

Vortech mp10Wes manufactured March 2014 $160 SOLD

2 brand new BRS peristaltic dosing pumps and containers $50 each

Full size complete Tunze Wavebox with controller and driver $115 SOLD

20 gallon tank never used $15 2) ten gallon tanks $10

(3) Lumatek dimmable 250-400 watt ballast $65 each (less than a year old with 5 year warranty) ( SOLD)

Red Sea Wavemaster Pro 4 Channel $65

Brand new Jebao DP-4 four port dosing pump $90 SOLD

Various Koralias and other pumps and powerheads (2 PENDING)

At least 10 various heaters of many different sizes

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