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Yellow tang


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I think a 40 is too small for long term, if it's a cube it's too small period. If it's a juvenile, up to 3" or so, it's not going to be a problem assuming a normal 36" (40 gallon breeder) as long as the tank isn't stocked to a point that it gets stunted. Once they're larger, 36" just isn't enough space for them to properly swim in.

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Rehoming is a hot button for some people. Keep in mind you will have to rehome it sooner or later as it should live 30 to 40 years. You're primary concideration should not neccessarily be will it do OK in my tank (because a juvinile will be fine in a 40 "for a while") but when will I know I need to rehome and am I going to be willing to part with it if I'm not going to get a bigger tank. It's sad to see fish abused because their owners "can't part with Buddy" but won't accept the responsibility of giving their fish a home that meets it's needs.

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