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good cheap effluent box


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just getting my calcium reactor ready, decided to make an effluent box, since i couldnt find any remade! first chamber size was calculated backed on typical flow rate. too large of a chamber and the ph readings would take too long, too small, they would be erratic... hope 6oz was about right (based on 20-30 drop flow; 20drops = 1oz). This will sit in my sump in the future obviously :)

* lee's specimin container- small

* acrylic laying around

* marine/aquarium grade silicon

* BRS ph probe

* petsmart cylindrical airstone

* Oscillating cutting tool (seems to be the best for accurate cuts)

* orbital sander




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So i ended up moving the ph probe into the CARX, which this box worked well, it suffered from delay (slow drip rate) and high swings inside the chamber. I ended up using a simple 1/2" compression adapter, threaded into the top of the CARX. probs are 12mm, 1/2" is about 12.5mm. the adapter is made to compress/expand 1mm, so it worked great, no leaks. box still works to bring ph back up before it hits the sump smile.png

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