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Anthias Vs Chromis


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Anthias need fed multiple times a day which is a big turn-off for most tanks. They're also planktonic feeders so they won't really eat anything unless it's suspended in the water column. So basically no matter how established a tank is, they still need fed all the time.

As far as a group of fish, you'll have a much better chance with them though. I've always found chromis to be horrible to eachother unless you have a ton of them, like dozens. They single out a fish or two and pester them to death until there's only 1 remaining a few months down the road.

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I have anthias and they only eat once a day and they readily accept frozen and flake food. I have squamipinis and bartlett anthias. They can be picky at first. If you go with anthias try using live brine shrimp at first to get them eating

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