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Calcium reactor suggestion

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As some of you might be aware I'm going to be moving and will be setting up a planet aquariums crystaline tank either 24-36" whatever the wife decides she will allow. I'm leaning towards the 36" I think I can be quite happy with that for a while.

Looking into a calcium reactor seems like the best bet in the long run however coming from a nano reef where a water change usually takes care of all my needs I'm a little unsure of what will be ideal for me.

I know this is going to be pricey and I'm not even sure a used one will be the way to go. I contemated a eshopp dosing pump but keep coming back to this. I really think I will probably just run a a calcium reactor and bio pellets.

If greatly apperciste any suggestions yall might have.

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I picked up a lightly used Octopus a few months ago and it's very good. I did a ton of research and it was between the octopus and the GEO's, with the geo's being obviously better, but quite a bit more expensive. I'm using a CR140 with 12 lbs of media on my 90 and it is more than enough. CR100 would probably be plenty up to 90 - 120 gallons or so.

Also, this Tee is the easiest way I found to feed it: http://www.aquacave.com/reducing-tee-fittings-by-aquamedic.html

Put it inline with your return pump and it feeds the reactor without having to add an additional pump.

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Sweet was going used a big savings? I figure if I go with the 24 instead of the 36 tank the sump is 20" x 12", so I would have about 3" to the left or right of the sump, and about 8" in front of the sump for reactors.

It was but looking at ebay, they're pretty cheap right now. Not sure if you're going to find a ton cheaper than something like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Octopus-Calcium-Reactor-CR-70-Reef-Aquarium-100-gallon-ADDED-FEATURES-NIB-/321680703754?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ae5aa010a

I already had a CO2 tank and regulator with a solenoid, so only needed the reactor. Gets more expensive if you have to get all of that stuff as well.

I've seen several in the BST section for very cheap. Not the same brand, but realistically a calcium reactor is about as simple of a device as you're going to get so as long as it's in good condition with a decent pump it probably doesn't make a ton of difference what one you're using.

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I'm a proponent of Aquamaxx brand CaRx's. You're kind of in a gray area in terms of sizing, as the nano is rated for 50 and the S1 is rated for 300g. The thing about CaRx effectiveness is that it's not that much about reactor volume size (to a point) its mostly about how quickly CO2 is being injected and how fast the internal circulation pump is cycling the reactor volume. I also like that the aquamaxx have a design which does not require an additional feed pump or manifold from your return pump.

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