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Coralife BioCube 29g + RapidLED retrofit + Hydor skimmer + Other goodies

Reefer Dad

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Everything is in working condition and it was all just torn down and cleaned today. I put the lights and fans back together and tested them.


  • Coralife BioCube 29g
  • 24 LED Retrofit kit by RapidLED
    • 12 Solderless Cool White CREE XP-G2 LEDs
    • 12 Solderless Royal Blue CREE XT-E LEDs
    • DDC-02 PWM 2 channel programmable controller (sunrise, sunset)
    • All drivers, jumpers, adapters and plugs (it’s in running condition)
  • Retrofit moonlight kit: 2 LEDs with power adapter
  • MJ1200 pump - upgrade from stock pump
  • InTank Media basket
  • Hydor nano skimmer
  • Hydor koralia nano powerhead
  • Hydor deflector (to imitate wave motion from return)
  • 2x SilenX 80mm cooling fans
  • Misc spare parts (extra LEDs, wires, etc.)

Known Problems:

  • Back lid will not open once shut...it sticks shut (I generally leave it off anyway for cooling)
  • Few scratches and discolorations on the lid but not that noticeable
  • One of the fans is a bit noisy and may have become a victim of some salt creep…you can easily replace this with another $12 fan with existing wiring

Asking $350

PM me if you are interested

I accept cash or PayPal







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