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Is there something wrong with this code? I am trying to get text alerts for 2 things-

Line 2 when the float switch in my sump is activated- this would indicate a return pump failure

Line 3 when there is a power loss. I was playing around with different variations of this today, and it seemed to work at first then I messed with it and cant get it to work consistantly. Is there an error in this program?

1 Set OFF

2 If Sw6 Open Then ON

3 If Power EB8_3 Off 000 Then On

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I've noticed that if my Apex sends a bunch of texts in short succession then sometimes a few get delayed or even ignored. The code looks fine, perhaps uppercase the ON.

Here's a screen shot of my email code.


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Thank you for verifying the code is correct. I know the text settings are correct because i get the test messages no problem, and was initially getting the texts when verifying the code through testing it.

I sent a help request to neptune, not heard back yet.

I am thinking that all the trouble shooting and messing with it I did jammed it up or something like you have suggested Dan.


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what code are you using for the text number? i used to have to use a really complicated workaround to get email/text alerts, i don't know if they've simplified recently. If your apex spits out too many commands at once, sometimes your email provider will block them because they think they're spam (same with texts through their email interface).

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