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Exquisite Corals Order on 5/22

Dan H

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So I recently placed an order with Jimmy at Exquisite Corals. I really wanted this strawberry acro, and some wolverine zoas. So I gave him $250 and said, I want those 2 plus whatever you think is worth $250. He hooked me up very nicely! Unfortunately I think the shipment was handled really rough - 2 of the frags had broken off the mounts and ended up dying almost immediately after putting them in the tank. Including the strawberry acro! Bummer!

So, I messaged Jimmy - told him about the loss and he's going to replace them. Free! Gotta love when people still are honest and good. Well, I figured I might as well buy a few more! :) So, if any of y'all want to hop on the order, shipping is already covered.

The plan is to have them delivered on Friday the 22nd.

If you want in, you can see his site http://www.exquisitecorals.com/ or I just have been messaging him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.tomacchio

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