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Biocube 29 fish options

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Somewhat limited in quantity unless you plan on doing a ton of water changes.

I'll just post my personal list of nano compatible community'ish fish. By no means do I suggest adding all of these in a 30 gallon tank.

Percula or Ocellaris clowns - single or a pair

Springers Damsel - no more than 1 and do not combine with other non-clown damsels and chromis

Talbots Damsel- no more than 1 and do not combine with other non-clown damsels and chromis

Royal Gramma

Chalk Bass

Assessor Basslets

Most other candy or swissguard related basslets, but you may never see them

Candy Hogfish

Neon goby's

Dwarf golden moray (As long as there aren't super small shrimp or fish, and aquarium is tightly sealed)

Possum wrasse

Prawn or yasha goby (Awesome when paired with a shrimp)


Caution list:

Dwarf angels (Almost all will start eating coral at some point. Some are extremely aggressive)

Chromis (Unless you just have 1, they bicker until there's only 1 remaining)

Dottybacks (Most are overly aggressive, orchid is best bet)

Midas blenny (Can be aggressive)

Combtooth blennys (Can be coral nippers)

Wartskin Angler (Will eat anything it thinks will fit in its mouth. They're not smart...)

Cardinals (Conspecific aggression. Some of the smaller (nano perfect) species are notoriously difficult to keep long term)

Jawfish (aggression and jumpers)


Watchman Gobies (Can get large. Potentially territorial but usually ok)

My do not add list:

In addition to obviously inappropriate fish due to size (ex: tangs, or foxface), temperament, or habits (puffers)

Clown Gobys (they starve and can damage SPS)

Mandarin Goby's (they starve)

Catalina Goby (temperate water only)

Anthias (Too difficult to feed in a nano tank)

Any algae blenny in the Salarias family (they starve)

Seahorses and pipefish (diabolical feeding requirements)

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I found that no more than 4 or 5 fish max in that kind of setup will give you a high bioload and require weekly water changes.

Jestep has given great advice to the kind of fish appropriate.

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