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Purigen in reactor

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I bought one of the BRS dual reactors. I am planning on using it with the BRS GFO and carbon. I also have some Purigen that I was thinking about putting in it as well. I have read that several people had had issues with the small Purigen particles being pushed out of the reactor. I currently have a fine mesh bag of the Purigen in my sump. I noticed that BRS says to place carbon at the top of the reactor. I was considering leaving the Purigen in the mesh bag and placing it in the reactor first, so that it is under the foam pad for the carbon. That way the mesh bag should keep it together, and if any particle do manage to get out, the foam and carbon could possible prevent them from entering my tank. Has anyone tried this before? Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I would just stick with the mesh bag. The manufacturer even recommends using it in a mesh bag so I wouldn't bother with trying it in a reactor. The granules seem so light that I could see them being difficult to fluidize without blowing all over the place.

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