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Have a few frags/mini colonies for sale. I will be able to arrange pickups with more flexibility now. Will hold with paypal, pm for priority as I may not have time to check the thread except to update the list. Thanks for looking.

Frog Spawns-
A - $15 - Sold
B - $20 - Sold

A Orange Setosa - Sold
B Bonsai Acro - Sold
C ORA Frogskin - $10
D ORA Frogskin - Sold
E Oregon Tort - $10 - Sold

Jedi Mind Trick Monti-
A - $15 - Sold
B - $15


Mystic Sunset Monti-
C - $10 - Sold
D - $10
E - $15 - Sold
F - $5 - Sold
G - $10 - Sold


Purple Stylo - $10 -

Green Digitata - $10 - top middle pictured, bottom right is the frogskin acro mc nfs

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Thanks for the rastas and the mystic sunset. Everything looks very happy in my tank. These are some really nice frags when you see them in person. The frags are much bigger than they look. They are on large frag plugs (not the usual small ones). The Jedi mind tricks are well healed and encrusting and have great color.

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Glad your frags are doing good! Yea iphones don't always get the best pictures but since my wife has been using the dslr almost exclusively for baby pictures its the best I could do haha.

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