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I live in Burnet west of Austin about 45 minutes

I have 2 Triggers about 4" (SOLD

1 Niger, and 1 Huma Picasso (SOLD)

$ 25 each

1 Yellow Tang about 3 1/2 to 4" $ 30 (sold)

1 spot tail blenny about 2" sneaky little guy hard to get a good picture but if you google image spot tail blenny you can see a better picture

this pic he is hiding over around the power head

$ 20 (SOLD

Breaking down tank have had a year and a half

only had the blenny about 1 month or 2

all fish healthy, and eating, I feed the triggers and tangs pellets and Nori, blenny takes small pellets or flakes

call, text or PM







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He is about 4 1/2 inches does not not pick on anything, he occasionally gets my fingers when I'm doing something in the tank near the surface, just makes me jerk my hand away.

I have had year or two, I feed pellets but I have feed frozen in the past,


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Lol you guys are Funny, Someone is coming by this evening to get all the corals that are left, that will leave just the yellow Tang, someone else is supposed to be coming by this weekend to look at tank and whatever is left.

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