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Help for a desperate family in need


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So I was giving away a few things on Craigslist and met a woman who accidentally messaged me instead of someone else and her situation came more into light than I had any idea about. I do not know her but I can tell she is a good person and in need of help. I believe she is a single mother and after asking she has 3 children that live with her.

They were victims of the Halloween flood last year and are just now getting their own place again. They literally have a couch and the clothes they have had since they lost their home.

They have 3 children and all of whom do not have a bed at this time as well as the Mom.

I do know they purchased a used refrigerator off of craigslist that is not working well and with her very limited budget she is really needing to figure something out.

I would really like to find a way to help them get anything they need for them.

The kids are 12,16, and 18 so a full size bed or mattress would be needed. I am willing to pay for what I can and kffer my truck to pick up and deliver. If you or anyone you know has anything please contact me or I can give you her name and number directly and you can communicate with her.

Please anything will help and it will be truly going to a family in need. This time of year is hard enough already and I can only imagine what they are going thru.

Anything helps.




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Awesome you guys rock. I'll have to message her again and see when she can take delivery of the mattress. I had a king mattress for her and she decided it was too big unfortunately.

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I have a king size mattress with a VERY nice Frame and a 63" tv they can have ! . We are upgrading everything in my house so we will donate all of these to the family . The TV works perfectly fine and the mattress is still great ( was sleeping in it 30min ago ) lol . They will have to have someone pick these up .

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