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Some Zoas for sale/trade


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I I am paying more attention to my tank and things are really starting to grow (corals as well as cyano unfortunately). I have some zoanthids that could easily be fragged. I am interested in other colorful zoanthid species or LPS frags in trade. My camera isn't great and I am a total novice in using it but these are actually fairly close to how they look in my tank. If I end up selling them, I would guess around a dollar a polyp or around $20 for the big ones.

These were sold to me as "blowpops" but don't look as vibrant in my tank as they did in the sales picture. I like the tie-dyed effect.


This is actually the smaller "frag" of this green skirted, blue edged, cream centered zoas. They grow extremely fast in my tank.


I have two frags this size which were growing next to some fire and ice that will be fragable soon.


I live in Oak Hill and will be around this weekend if anyone is interested.

Take care,


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