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February Meeting @ RCA!


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We will be having our February meeting at River City Aquatics on February 24rd at 4:30 pm. THANK YOU CARLOS!

Jake Wand of RCA will be speaking on:

"The affects of climate change on the marine ornamental trade."

It should be very informative and lots of fun. Carlos said he would keep the registers open if anyone "needs"anything.

February 24,2008 4:30pm

River City Aquatics

12108 Roxie Dr Ste D

Austin, TX 73301




Jake Wade

"The affects of climate change on the marine ornamental trade."

Thanks again Carlos and see everyone there!

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Well I missed the meeting @ RC......due to grease fire in the kitchen :dribble: . Stove/Vent Hood got damaged and minor damaged to two cabinet doors. After I got all the kids & small pets (rabbit & chihuahua) out safe....I was more worried about the seahorse tank that's on the counter top bar. I went back and put out fire the fire extinguisher and my seahorses are fine. Well, there's always a next meeting.


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OMG, YOu didn't tell us that your last PM. Glad everyone is ok.

Actually my husband is the one that answered the PM. I really didn't sink in until Sunday night when we installed the new range and hood. If it wasn't for my 4yr, who noticed it first, it could of gone totally out of control. He's the one warned me while I was coming back from the bathroom. The other thing that worried me was the residue from the fire extinguisher........since the seahorse tank is nearby. You could see the fine dust settling on surface of the water. Did a water change and did alot of skimming......and just to be safe I'm doing another one tonight, but everything is cool now.

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