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120 Gallon Oceanic Tank & Black Stand, APEX Light, Tunze ATO, etc ($2,200)

Garrett Evenson

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Moving and must sell my entire system::: Amazing Deal, over 5K worth of stock and equipment all selling for $2,200.

120 gallon Oceanic reef tank with a black stand. Drilled, 2 overflows.
Aquaticlife 6 lamp T5 HO, 48" w 3 10k white, 3 420/460 blue, 6 lunar blue led (separate programable timers built in)
40 Gallon Sump
Bermuda Protein Skimer
3 Mag 9 pumps
Current 1/3 hp chiller
3 Koralia Fans (2 large 1 small)
Tunze ATO (Auto Top Off)
Apex Light Controller/Monitor system =Includes Temp and PH probe and two power bars (8-plug and 4-plug)
110 lbs of live rock including Tonga and Figi
40-50 lbs of live sand
Heaters (x2 Primary & Back up)
Spare Mag 9 Pump still in box
RO/DI Filter
2 Large Rubbermaid Rain Barrel's
2 Large Saddleback black & White Clowns
1 Large Purple Tang
2 Purple Tip Anemones
1 Sea Cucumber
2-3 Emerald Crabs
Lots of Snails




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