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Misc Equipment, light, skimmers, pumps. *updated* Found some more stuff.


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Just clearing some stuff out of storage.

Euro Reef RS-80 skimmer, used on my 75 gallon. SOLD

Eheim 1260 pump, used as a return pump on my 75g. SOLD

20in Aquaticlife T5 4 lamp fixture. Has 2 aquaticlife 10k bulbs and 2 UVL 454 ultra blue bulbs for actinics. 1 out of the 4 lunar LEDs went out.$80


Nano Remora skimmer box, needs a Cobalt MJ900 pump to run it. Also have the pre skim box. SOLD

Hydor Koralia 1 & 2 pumps. SOLD

Hydor Koralia nano, the 425. Can't find the dry side magnet. SOLD

Coralife Power Center. SOLD

R2 Solutions Moonlight LED. SOLD



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I'd like the power center. Is that timers on both sides?

Yes, one timer controls the yellow outlets and the other controls the blue and black outlets.


Ok...I want that please

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