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Long-polyp Sarcophyton/Leather frags for sale or trade


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I have 20 or so frags of a large, long polyp Sarcophyton/leather coral for sale or rade.

Frags are cream/brown in color with lighter/whitish polyp tips.

They range in size from 1.5"-2.5". Polyps are about an inch long in the center, with shorter polyps around the edges. Very cool looking with good water movement!

Mounted on live rock rubble.

Looking to trade for interesting softies, zoos, polyps, LPS (chalice, favia, fungia, oxypora.... no Euphyllias or corals with long sweeper tentacles). I will consider trading several frags for a larger, interesting piece.

Or $10 each.

Im in SW Austin in Oak Hill.

Let me know what you've got! Im open to ideas!




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