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Drink Like a Fish- Feb 21 Opal Divines Marina

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No it was a great time and I stayed till 11 drinking on my own tab. I just was shocked it wasn't announced that the tab closed, maybe it was and I was having too good of a conversation with Sunny. The waiter had to tell each person individually or ask them to pay which caught a few people off guard.

If it was lame I would have left within 10 minutes and not seen the awesome presentation or had a nice chance to network.

I really enjoyed it, just sad to see the host scoot out early. Atleast close the tab and continue to socialize.

also if FG allows I'll put some BYOB into my car and if the keg floats early I'll stay and continue to drink :) Dunno how they will feel about outside drinks coming in.

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I was just trying to give you a hard time. Last night was a little different since Sarah couldn't make it. We had a combo of Andrew needing to get home (his card) and double the turnout. Sorry for surprising everyone, it was pretty much impossible to make announcements after the talk ended.

But yeah overall great shindig with lots of new people.

Once the store is open for real the conference/party room should be available for meet ups every day of the week.

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