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Free GSP and Leather corals


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Sorry I couldn't figure out how to make the photos smaller, however...see that big leather coral shedding? I've got 2 big babies mounted on cement plugs ready for a new home - see 2 in foreground. One is going to come with mushroom coral (also in foreground). See that bubble algae? Pretty sure it's the biggest in Texas...Don't worry, that's staying here. Second picture is GSP...it's covering a rock about the size of your hand. As you can see, it's trying to take over the zoas next door. (If you want some of those zoas, I can give you some!) Looking to give these corals away to a good home because I'm running out of room. Moving in August, at which point I hope to upgrade to something bigger than a 30 gallon. :) If there's a lot of interest in the gsp, I can scrape sections off the glass. Seriously, I started out with a 2 inch square.

Want to donate some Xenia? I've been interested in getting some more since I lost the pulsing xenia what I had early on in my saltwater venture.

We'll be home Friday afternoon and available for you to come by then. PM me, we'll figure out logistics.

Disclaimer: This coral may contain bristle worms and gazillions of pods.



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Ok I think I've responded to everyone, as of right now everything is spoken for, but don't worry, there will always be more. (As soon as I changed out my lighting to LEDs everything started growing like crazy)

Thanks again for all your interest, can't wait to see the sandbed again!


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thanks for the generous amout of gsp i will let you know how it does glued to my side glass under direct flow from hob filter and hob fuge

I saw how it was when I was picking up some kenya tree, and it was doing awesome!

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