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Caught a Large Gorilla Crab!


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Well I have spent the morning baiting my tank to catch a very large gorilla crab we found the other day. I used the age old tilted mason jar trick. The only problem I was having at first was my Yellow Tang was going into the jar and pulling out my silver side bait. So to combat that I decided to super glue the bait to the bottom of the jar. Well, as the crab was finally coming out to fall for it the d**n Tang started swooping at him and scared him away, twice! So I set another jar in the tank and caught the Yellow bas****. Only then the crab had enough privacy to sneak up on the jar and fall in after the bait. The best part, I got both the Yellow Tang and Gorilla Crab captures on video!

So if anyone was a snail/hermit eating crab hit me up! Free to a hungry, I mean, a good home!

post-983-0-94864200-1339368185_thumb.jpg post-983-0-23929600-1339368210_thumb.jpg

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