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Finally done!


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After fighting me for a week, the 4x4 repairs are done. Sum total of repairs:

new radiator (fan shroud came apart, knocked a hole in old one)

remove right exhaust manifold, have machined, re-install with new gasket (no more exhaust leak!)

drain and refill transmission

check levels on front differential, rearend, transfer case

oil change

grease lube points, check front output shaft for slop in u-joints

adjust clutch linkage for shorter throw on clutch

tighten steering gearbox

tighten e-brake

install brake controller

install 7-blade socket for travel trailer connection

install 6-pin socket for flatbed trailer connection

put bed toolbox back in, load with goodies

The only thing left to do is re-install my skid plate, but it's bent and I gotta whoop on it with a sledgehammer and get it straight before putting it back on.

And to top it off, oil change and lube points on my Astro van.

I am DONE. Hotter than a firecracker from being outside, gonna soak me up some a/c now.

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I am ready to catch some speckled trout. Looking forward to seeing you at Goose Island. Glad you finished with your auto repairs. I am still evaluating the expense of an engine on my 1999 Camray.


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