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    Hunting, fishing, canoeing, gardening and reefing. Attempted becoming a coral farmer but decided to keep my day job as a deepwater subsea engineer. I am experimenting with growing edible seaweed in a greenhouse poly-culture with saltwater mollies.

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  1. The University of Texas, Molecular Bioscience Lab has the largest collection of micro algae in the world. Most are frozen in time with liquid nitrogen at -400 degrees below zero. A big part of their collection is fresh water algae. There were some algae isolated in desert sands and some on mountains in the snow. To see pictures of red snow and yellow snow was awesome. Patrick
  2. That is a stellar idea. We can donate it as a gift at C4. Let us discuss further when we visit on Saturday. Talk with Mike Frame. He could give you some valuable pointers. He should be at the meeting as his home is in the general area of the South Side. Patrick
  3. I have many power heads available to use here. No need to buy anything. Jody is a photography major that is graduating in May from Texas State. I suspect his availability is contingent on final projects to graduate. We should try to do a first run prior to C4 Conference on May 3. While not as good as Jakes stuff, I have a good point and shoot Cannon G7 with a very nice telescoping tripod for detail shooting.Perhaps after the April meeting, you can come here from KimP's house. It is about 15-20 minutes from Bear Creek. Patrick
  4. I saw it as excitement and enthusiasm. At 65 years old and 45 years of "marine ornamentals", I keep on getting excited and enthusiastic when I talk to reefers about this adventure called "reef keeping". Jake, Can you film a utube video of the build? If you coordinate the build with a visit to AQR, I will hook you up with a professional photographer here and we can produce a stellar utube video for you. One old vet to another vet. The photographer works for rocks. I am cheap. I want my company logo on your video. I invest in the future. Laissez la bonne temps roulee, Patrick
  5. http://www.aquacultureranch.com/
  6. This is my last thread/post on ARC. I can be contacted thru my website. In the future, I will operate a blog on my website. Relevant articles and papers will be accumulated as I build my business. Regards, Patrick
  7. subsea

    Sea apple

    I was chastised on another hobby forum. It will poison your tank. I heard that and that bioballs are a nitrate factory for more years than most people are old on this forum. Crowd sourcing does not make it factual. I got my first Apple three years ago. After the first year, I purchased 15. Last year one died in a 75G tank. It was several days before I noticed the event. The stink of this rotting mass was putrid. My hand stunk all day. However, nothing was effected in the tank. As this tank was skimmer-less and had no mechanical or chemical filtration, I put a cannister filter with a
  8. Kim, Tim told me that you demolished the wall with your bare hands.
  9. subsea

    Sea apple

    While I think that would be good for the tank, I do not think phytoplankton is what he eats. Phytoplankton will grow what he eats. A simple feast for him is to stir your substrate and put detritus into the water. Tim, quite being a stick in the mud and join the Sea Apple party. Mike Frame has an Apple in his tank. Without a doubt, it is my favorite item in the 75G tank. It is going on 3 years. Blake has one in his 20G high. As he is a GM at CVS, he works late and I usually am in bed when he gets home. The other night he woke me up laughing so loud. He feed the tank heavily and butt/
  10. subsea

    Sea apple

    While Sea Apple may well eat minute zooplankton, he also captures and eats flake food. My roommates lady friend calls him butt/mouth. It is an appropriate name considering he only has one opening like an anemone. Patrick
  11. Ty, My roommate has a drone. The birds eye view is phenomenal. He considered it for concert videos and listing real estate with an arial view. I am sure "deep minds" run together. Obviously, you have thought of that. Patrick
  12. I will be there with bells. Thanks for the hospitality. Laissez la bonne temps roulee, Patrick PS. Should we do an Aggie Muster. Gig em.
  13. If this is addressed to me, the same time management conflicts with my operation of a 10,000 gallon mariculture facility. This hobby forum is to pass time. Business is business. Patrick
  14. Due to conflicting time management on my part, I must withdraw my offer to be a mentor. It is a great concept and I would hope that it gets off of the ground. Sincerely, Patrick
  15. Kim, Tim told me that you did it with your bare hands. Even if the tank is not up and running, let us consider MUSTER. What a way to initiate the new house. Laissez la bonne temps roulee, Patrick PS. On a side note. Our VIP TOUR of UT Marine Bioscience Department is on. We moved it to the week after Easter to get both department heads involved. Jerry says no problem with your infant.
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