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My Rose bubble tip anemone split yesterday


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As the title states, we took our daughter out to play in the water in the back yard for about 4 hours and when we came back inside it had split! This is the second split I have had in about a year. This is a nice deep red red colored rose BTA. It is also my favorite because it does not seem to be as aggressive as other anemones I have had in the past. My pair of clowns took to it pretty quickly so it is nice to watch them wonder around in and out of it all day long.

I am asking $80 for it. I have not captured it yet. I want to wait for a buyer before I put any stress on her. I will post a better picture later.

Current conditions-

Tank- 90 gallons

SG- 1.025

Temp- 78.5°

Light- AI sol blue LEDs is primary source of food (first split was under 250w MH/T5)

Feed- small frozen Silverside 2x a week (clowns also feed it)

PO4- ~0.02

NO3- undetected

*if you cannot meet the lighting or water conditions to keep this RBTA please don't use this one as an experiment


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