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100g Rimless Cube - SOLD!

Richard L

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Many of you know this tank. It belonged to Calvin (medi) and when he posted it up for sale several months ago I quickly snatched it up because it was such a good deal. I didn't have any plans for it, I was still getting to know my brand new 225g. I had always like this tank and felt there had to be a way to integrate it into my man cave. Flash forward to today. the renovation plans are complete, contractors start demolition tomorrow and we just couldn't get this big tank to fit into the design.

It has been gently stored and never set up. I'm putting it back up for sale for the original price of $800. Here was Calviin's description:

Tank is a 100 gallon rimless that measures 36x37x18, and was bought new in July of 2010. The glass is 3/8" thick. It has been drilled with a 1500 GPH glass-holes overflow, and has dual 3/4" returns. There are no scratches or chips in the glass that I have seen.

The sump is a PM R36+ that I had custom built to allow for a larger skimmer. It was also ordered in July 2010, and cost me almost $500 new by itself.

Return pump is a Reeflo Snapper with an A.O. Smith motor that has some salt staining, but overall functions great.

Stand is very sturdy 2x4 construction that has been painted white, and had a sheet of white plastic glued down to protect the base from water. I believe the stand is 35" tall. The stand has a skin that is easily removable, and allows 360 degree access to the inside of the stand for ease of maintenance. There is also a small flourescent light that I mounted inside the stand that I'll throw in as well.

Also, included is a hanging canopy that was built to match the stand, and all hardware needed to hang it.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see it in person. Cell phone works best with me.

Richard 632-0375


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