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WTT Frags


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Ok I really suck at taking pictures but I figured I'd see who would like to trade frags during Saturdays meeting.

I have the following:

2x Brown Monti cap

1x Purple Monti cap

2x Green Monti undata

3x Sour Apple Seriatopa

2 head acan green with red (pending Mitch)

1"+ Brown Monti Digi

2 head frag Orange Zoas(bambam I believe) (4 head frag pending for wizardx322, 3 head frag pending Mitch)

7,6,2 heads Watermelon Zoas

Looking for any types of SPS.or mushroom frags but I'm open to anything.

Below are the only pics I could get focused





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would you be interested in some green rhodactis mushrooms? i would also be interested in the orange zoas (i know it's already spoken for, but i could wait for the next frag of it you make). i think i already have the watermelon (could you send a pic?). lmk

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Yes I'm up for whatever Mitch.

Wizardx322 does have the first frag with 4 heads on it but I have another frag with 3 heads and 2 heads.

I can't get good pictures taken at all but I have a 7, 6, and 2 headed frag. Their sitting in my tank while I had to redo my sump so I can't get a good picture but heres one of them a week ago in my sump.

Orange Zoas http://www.austinree...attach_id=18454

Mother Colony of Acan http://www.austinreefclub.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=13396

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3 head bam bam would be great. do you want 1 or 2 shrooms? heads up they spread pretty quick, so i suggest keeping them isolated.

what would be an equitable trade for the 2 head acan?

lastly, will you be at the mtg this sat?

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Its ok I am actually in the process of putting together a new type of frag system and method. I am going to be making some major changes in practice. Right now Id guess I have upwards of 35 species and around 70 frags.......So any and all are welcome, but I am just trying to complete my collection, not make money.......No probs, take your time!!!! Have a good one

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