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Sea Hare Eggs


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So I've had my Sea Hare in the 28 for a little more than a week, cleaning my rock of GHA. Today I noticed a big pile of spaghetti on the back of one of my rocks, and couldn't remember when the last time I fed the tank italian was.

After a quick google search, I've decided its definitely sea hare eggs. I dont really want this hatching in my 28gal, as I'm sure the spawn would just die and cause problems.

Anyone able to find any good resources on what baby sea hares require? If anyone else wants to do some research, I'll give you clumps of my spaghetti for you to try out.

Essentially looks just like this whatisthisxl.jpg

I'll take some pics tomorrow.

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We'll find out in a couple weeks.

They definitely hatched.

I'm watching to see if I have any water quality issues, otherwise I'll not do any water changes and try to feed heavily including phyto.

See if any little wigglers ever show up.

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Between you growing Sea Hare eggs amd me growing Red Ogo, we may be able to feed the world. I got a very small very bright yellow cucumber from Divers Den before Christmas. It is really neat looking but so small in my 75G mixed reef. Well he split the other day when I did not notice. When I slowed down to feed the tank a few days later, I noticed two bright yellow cukes. Only one had his feeding feathers extended. Not sure if it is like the shrimps and crabs that molt, I think not, but I have been wrong so many times that my heart is blue.

Anyway, neat looking stuff that you posted.


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