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Salutations ARC! **Rimless assistance needed**


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Thanks Richard. I do have my rimless tank for sale. It is 36x37x18, and come out right at 105G. It is drilled with dual 1.5" drains and dual 3/4" returns. The only catch is I'm not willing to break apart the package. What's included is the stand with a fully removable skin, PM R36+ sump, reeflo Snapper return pump, all plumbing, and a custom hanging canopy with te hanging kit. I'm looking for $850 for it all if I clean and $800 if you clean it. Everything is right at 1.5 years old.

Here is a FTS from when I had it running. I don't have any pics with me that include the stand or canopy, but at least you can see what the tank looked like. If you want to see more pics you can search "100G rimless build" and you'll find my build thread. LMK if you're interested.


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