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Oceanic 156 Gallon Reef Ready Tank and Stand


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I'm selling my Oceanic 156 gallon aquarium and downsizing into a smaller setup. It's been a great tank, but school, work and finances have reluctantly convinced me that I don't have the time for it any more. The tank is only one year old and measures L 60.5 x W 24.5 x H 25 (the two feet of front-to-back space is great for rockscaping). It is built with ultra-clear Starphire front glass and black trim, and comes with the matching black stand.

It is equipped with two Megaflow overflows and all the plumbing, minus the return pump and one hose (which you can get from Aquatek for cheap). I'm also including the sump we built to go with it, which is a modified 75 gallon aquarium with baffles dividing it into sections for a protein skimmer, a refugium and a sump. All you'd need is a pump, a hose and a light and you'd have an awesome reef setup.

$400 for all, cash only. Pics to come.

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OK, since we couldn't arrange a pickup today, here's how the line stands:

1. Txam43

2. Mikedelgado

3. wizardx322

Whoever takes the tank will need to bring a truck and at least three, preferably four strong people to load it (Oceanic builds tanks like... well, tanks) because it's quite heavy. Thanks for all the replies, ARC!

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