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75 gal, 2 Eheims, in-line heater

Crab Rangoon

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Ready to pick up in Wells Branch! Had to do an emergency tank breakdown at my moms house for some redecorating of her place, and I have no room for this stuff at my house. Here's what we have:

75 gal tank with black rear glass, glass top set, and structural stand - $80

Eheim 2217 & 2227 filters with Eheim Professional series plumbing + in-line heater - $230

Rare discontinued Dekoline gravel for freshwater tank - large bucket full, fills a 75g, red/orange Earthy blend - $40

Everything must be picked up from her house and paid in cash only. Please do not PM me aboutnthis, just call or text me at 512.422.O58O

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