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We have started the resurrection of our reef. For those who did not get the memo, last Friday on 04/10/2009, a 110v ac fan fell into our tank. Just about everything was destroyed. The only survivors where some signature zoas and two clown fish. This blog will track as best as possible the rebuild and population of our reef.

Again, thank you too all of those that gave their condolences and offers for help. Here is a picture from before it crashed. It wasn't the most up to date photo, as we had even more coral in there than what is shown. A few of the nicer pieces, as well as pieces that we really liked, were:

Sunset Montipora

Supernatural Montipora

Orange BamBam Zoas (these survived)


Green Slimer Acro

Tyree Ponape Birdnest

Neon Green Birdsnest

Elkhorn Montipora

Kryptonite Candy Cane

Eye of Ra Zoas

Wildfire Zoas

Crocea Clam


We are looking forward to starting it all over again, as this time around we have more information and we are able to to do it the right way.



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I'm glad you started this blog. Very instrested in the resurrection of your reef. If you need anything let us know.

Dave & Robin-

Thank you; we surely will. We will have more up on the progress shortly.

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