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Cheap starter frags


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Need to clear off some real estate so it's time for a couple things to go. All of these are easy starter corals that have grown fast in my tank:

- Large toadstool leather: $10 - head is larger than a half dollar

- Small toadstool leather: $5 - head is as large or larger than a quarter

- Orange rhodactis mushroom (the one on the right): $5 - about the size of a half dollar, maybe a little bigger

- Blue xenia: $10 - have one cut right now, can frag more of these if there is demand - this stuff grows crazy fast in my tank and has a purplish hue, very pretty

- Also have a couple of kenya tree frags (2-3" - not in the photo), one free with purchase or take 'em both for $5.

Sorry for the crappy photo, if you have a question as to what is what, just ask. PM for pick-up, I'm available Friday afternoon and this weekend. Located near Parmer and McNeil (about 5 mins from RCA).

Thanks for looking!



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Large toadstool and blue xenia pending Daisy82, more blue xenia pending StacyS. Still have small toadstool, orange rhodactis, kenya trees and plenty of blue xenia.

Theresa, I am on Parmer close to McNeil, about a minute from the HEB on the corner there. Should be pretty close to you.

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