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Blue Spectrum?


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I'm not seeing much growth from my sps and was wondering if its because of my actinic's. I have a 30 gallon with a 150w 15K Phoenix and 2, 14w blue actinic 460nm.

Is this adequate for hard corals? my params are all in check and my temp stays a constant 80 - 81. If this isn't enough what can I do? LED strips?................

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they do grow kinda slow......it helps to talk to them. Anyways, are you're params good? check CA, KH, mg (if ya got it) and post. What's your flow like? Also, 420nm is true actinic.....

cool, I'll sweet talk them into some growth, lol. Nitrates are 0 and CA is 450ish. I'll have to get the others checked next time I'm at RCA. Flow is a koralia 2 (650 gph) it sits toward the bottom point up.

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The closer you get your main white lights to 6,700K the more inside the sun spectrum you'll be. The blue lights/actinic are for the most part used to bring out the glowing florescent effect and not so much for growing. However, to some degree the actinics are important. The closer you get to the sun's spectrum the faster PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) will start up and cause your corals to produce sugars and feed its self more efficiently. I use the Pheonix 14K 250watts on my 90 and my next light will be 10K. I have noticed almost double the growth of my hard corals from my switch to 14K from 20K. I'm looking to accelerate that even more by moving to the 10K's next.

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