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My baby percs hosting my rose


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You just put the full link of the youtube video in your post, and it auto-embeds. You don't have to link it or anything. Fixed for you.

thank you

Awesome! Are those percs from Steve?

yes they came from steve

That is so cool! Where did the clowns come from?

C'mon Derek, please don't tell me we need to have the birds/bees/fry discussion! :cool:

Ok, so when a male clownfish and a female clownfish really like each other....

lol your funny

the bad thing is that rose was 3 times the that size when we got it last week and then well.... lets say rose anemone vs K3 circulation pump didn't turn out so well. but its healing well so i am going to keep it there till the clowns get bigger.

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I lost several like that before they got well over an inch. I think it's the law of nature bit. I split mine into several tanks with multiple daily feedings and mortality improved. I have one that is a runt, still a little under an inch. He refuses to grow while the others are about 2" I imagine in the wild he would have been gone long ago. Perfect for a nano though lol

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